As a medical doctor of health insurance we offer a wide range of health care. Through additional agreements with health insurances, it is possible for me to offer gynaecological check-ups and obstetric ultrasound as part of the MKP examinations.

We can do more than what the health insurances allows us: some services go beyond the range of medical doctors and are rewarded privately.

These are: TCM counselling and acupuncture, attestation, manual medicine and manipulation, life insurance certificates, laser therapy( LLLT), vaccination fees, making living arrangements.

You will receive information about the tariffs at the reception.


Due to our location in the center of Westendorf, in the ski area Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser / Kitzbühler Alpen, we are equipped for the supply of ski accidents and injuries. We can provide fast and efficient diagnostics.


In our general medical surgery, we offer the following Mother-child-pass examinations:

Mother-child-pass for pregnant women


The check-up, also called health check, can be done once a year from the age of 18. For this purpose, a general health check to clarify the cardiovascular risk and serious illness and a gynaecological screening ...


Two of the most common types of cancer in women can be detected by gynaecological care examination at an early stage or even in precursors.

Breast cancer and cervix cancer.


Manual medicine, formerly known as chiropractic, is a procedure for therapy and pain relief for reduced mobility and dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system and joints. Targeted mobilizing and manipulative manipulations are used to treat blockages.


Founded more than five thousand years ago, TCM is considered the oldest and most famous holistic healing art in the world. As a naturopathy, she finds herself in China on an equal footing with Western medicine.


In our modern surgery we can carry out a large number of small operations under local anaesthetic on an outpatient basis.

The following services are offered:


In our acute laboratory, blood count, CRP; Blood coagulation (INR), urine, blood sugar, OGTT sugar stress test, as well as microscopic secretion and blood smear analyses can be performed.


Interference current regulation therapy (IFR) is a special form of electrotherapy that can be used for the treatment of venous and lymphatic congestion. The active principle of interference current regulation therapy is based on a modulation.

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