As a general practitioner, I take care of the basic medical care of the patients.

  • Care of acute and chronic diseases
  • screening
  • Advice on health issues
  • blood samples
  • ECG examination
  • Infusion and syringe therapy
  • Abdomen and gynaecological ultrasound
  • Prescription exhibition, medical records, transfers, spa applications etc.
  • Qualification certificate for employers, schools, sports clubs

Home visits:
Please register home visits in the morning until 10 am, therefore you follow the rules of your health insurance. In urgent cases, you can always request a home visit.

Generally recommended vaccinations:
Vaccinations are an essential part of health care. Fears about side effects can be largely rejected, these are usually limited to local reactions. The burden is not significant, as you are confronted daily with a much larger number of germs and substances in everyday life. However, vaccination is also a social health precaution because by vaccinating large segments of the population, the risk of disease, of persons who cannot be vaccinated (e.g., immunodeficiency, chemotherapy patients, infants) with severe diseases, e.g. Measles can be prevented. Thus, vaccination not only means health care for one's own life or child, but also the assumption of responsibility for persons who are unable to do so because of their age or illness. I would like to advise you. Please address fears openly.

Vaccination plan:

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