Accident care

Due to our location in the center of Westendorf, in the ski area Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser / Kitzbühler Alpen, we are equipped for the supply of ski accidents and injuries.
Thanks to our digital X-ray and high-resolution ultrasound device, we can provide fast and efficient diagnostics.
Thus you receive a supply from the diagnosis up to the therapy from a hand.
If necessary, we can immediately treat with state-of-the-art splint or plaster material or, in the event that an operative treatment becomes necessary, organize an uncomplicated further care in the hospital at the established accident surgeon.

Trauma surgery range:

  • Supply of incisions and lacerations
  • Broken bones and establishment of fractures
  • Taking care of burns / joint injuries
  • Restricting joints (e.g., shoulder luxation)


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