In our general medical surgery, we offer the following Mother-child-pass examinations:

Mother-child-pass for pregnant women:

1. Examination: until the 16th week of pregnancy including smear, blood collection and first pregnancy ultrasound
2. Examination: 17th to 22nd week of pregnancy Internal examination and second pregnancy Ultrasound
3. Examination: 25 to 28 weeks of gestation including internal sugar stress test, second pregnancy blood sample
4. Examination: 30th to 34th week of gestation including decrease Strep B smear, third ultrasound
5: Examination: 35th to 38th week of pregnancy

(If you wish to take care of the pregnancy in my opinion, the patient should undertake an organ screening in the 20th to 22nd week at the resident specialist additively).

Child mother-child-pass examinations:

  • MK 2: 4-7 week of life
  • MK 3: 3-5 months of age including orthopaedic examination
  • MK 4: 7-9 months of age including ENT examination
  • MK 5: 10-14 months of age including eye examination
  • MK 6: 22-26 month of life
  • MK 7: 34.38 month of life
  • MK 8: 46-48 month of life
  • MK 9: 58-62 month of life

An appointment in advance should be requested in time.
If no further appointments are available, we ask that those examinations be carried out at the child paediatrician.


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