Electricity and Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Interference current:

Interference current regulation therapy (IFR) is a special form of electrotherapy that can be used for the treatment of venous and lymphatic congestion. The active principle of interference current regulation therapy is based on a modulation (influencing) of the bioelectricity of the body cells, which is characterized by a change in diseased tissue.

Main fields of application are: arthrosis, degeneration of the spine, post-traumatic conditions, muscle atrophy, myalgia


Mechanical effect: Ultrasound generates vibration. The treated tissue goes with the oscillation frequency , so it takes place as a micro-massage.
Thermal effect: A part of the vibration is absorbed in the body and generates frictional heat. The ultrasound develops its maximum intensity at the boundary layer between bone and musculature.

Microwave treatment is a form of electrotherapy (radiofrequency therapy) that generates electromagnetic waves for heat treatment.


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